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Datacamp – Data Analyst in SQL 2023-11



The “SQL Analytical Course for Data Analysis” by Datacamp Academy is tailored for Data Analysts specializing in SQL. Emphasizing the importance of database design for high-performance applications, this interactive SQL track guides you through the fundamentals of structuring data storage, drawing parallels with planning a home without a blueprint.

Throughout this course, you’ll gain essential skills such as crafting basic SQL queries, aggregating and summarizing data, performing table joins, implementing filters and subqueries, creating functions for data discovery and manipulation, and working with real-world datasets. The curriculum equips you with SQL proficiency applicable to querying databases, analyzing results, and effectively communicating insights to stakeholders. No prior SQL knowledge is necessary, making this course an ideal starting point for aspiring data analysts on their journey to becoming trusted professionals in the field.

What you will learn.

  • Introduction to SQL
  • Join Data in SQL
  • Manipulation of data in SQL
  • PostgreSQL summary states and window functions
  • Data manipulation functions in PostgreSQL
  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Decision-making in SQL
  • Understanding the visualization of data
  • Concepts of Data Communications

Data Analyst in SQL

  • Publisher: Datacamp
  • Language: English
  • Training level: All levels
  • Number of Lessons: 11
  • Duration of training: 39 hours to complete the course

Data Analyst in SQL

Download Links

File Size

912 MB


Introduction to SQL

Download – 31 MB

Intermediate SQL

Download – 78 MB

Joining Data in SQL

Download – 67 MB

Data Manipulation in SQL

Download – 134 MB

PostgreSQL Summary Stats and Window Functions

Download – 55 MB

Functions for Manipulating Data in PostgreSQL

Download – 54 MB

Introduction to Statistics

Download – 172 MB

Exploratory Data Analysis in SQL

Download – 75 MB

Data-Driven Decision Making in SQL

Download – 70 MB

Understanding Data Visualization

Download – 76 MB

Data Communication Concepts

Download – 95 MB

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