Windows 11 2024 Update: Notepad AI, USB 80Gbps Support and More

In 2024, Windows 11 plans to reveal a variety of exciting new features aimed at enhancing the user experience in various areas of the operating system. Although these features are still in the development stage, there’s a chance that Microsoft might opt not to roll them out after conducting public tests. Hence, it remains crucial to provide feedback to Microsoft through the Feedback Hub.

Here’s what Windows 11 users can look forward to in 2024:

Notepad with AI

Microsoft plans to revolutionize the conventional Notepad interface on Windows 11 by introducing a new AI feature called “CoWriter.” This incorporation seamlessly integrates artificial intelligence into the text editor, providing users with an array of intelligent editing tools.

CoWriter includes dropdown menus featuring choices such as ‘Length,’ ‘Tone,’ ‘Format,’ and ‘Instructions.’ This indicates a considerable degree of flexibility, enabling the AI to adjust the text to meet the user’s particular requirements.

A notable aspect is the ‘Replace’ button, implying the AI’s capability to propose alternative wording or adjustments to the chosen text.

Moreover, the AI appears to possess contextual awareness, offering pertinent suggestions aligned with the content of the document.

USB 80Gbps Support

A forthcoming Windows 11 update is set to incorporate compatibility with the newest USB 80Gbps standard. This feature will be initially accessible on specific devices like the Razer Blade 18, which is equipped with Intel Core 14th Gen HX-series mobile processors.

The Windows Insider Program Team recently unveiled the first release of USB 80Gbps support, making it accessible on specific devices equipped with Intel Core 14th Gen HX-series mobile processors, like the recently launched Razer Blade 18.

This significant enhancement to the USB4 standard brings a doubling of performance, increasing the speed from 40Gbps to 80Gbps. This advancement opens the door for high-performance capabilities in displays, storage, and connectivity.

Furthermore, the updated USB4 standard ensures full compatibility with peripherals designed for earlier generations of USB and Thunderbolt. It seamlessly integrates with all USB Type-C features while allowing users to continue using their existing USB and Thunderbolt devices.

Copilot autostarts in Windows 11

Microsoft is currently experimenting with a fresh capability for Windows 11 Dev Insiders, wherein Copilot will initiate automatically upon startup on widescreen devices.

As many will likely not like this new feature, Microsoft has thankfully made it possible to disable it by going to Settings > Personalization Copilot.

This functionality is currently being tested on devices that have a screen size of at least 27 inches and a minimum width of 1,920 pixels. It may not be accessible to all users at this time.

Enhanced Sharing Options

Microsoft Edge and various other web browsers can now utilize the Windows share window to directly share URLs on platforms such as WhatsApp, Gmail, X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, and LinkedIn.

To access Edge’s sharing feature, simply click on the share icon in the toolbar, as illustrated below.

Lock Screen Weather Updates

A revamped and more engaging weather interface is set to be introduced on the lock screen, allowing users to quickly access weather updates even when their screen is locked. With this functionality, Windows 11 users can hover over the weather card to obtain in-depth information and click on it to explore the complete forecast through MSN Weather using Microsoft Edge.

This feature is rolling out now, starting with English-speaking users in the US.

Voice Access Enhancements

The Voice Access feature in Windows 11 is undergoing substantial enhancements this year, with added language support (French, German, Spanish) and improved functionality for multi-display setups. Users can now employ voice commands for seamless navigation and control across multiple screens. Moreover, English users can create custom voice commands, enabling personalized voice shortcuts for a variety of actions.

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