VMware Fusion 13.0.2

VMware Fusion is a virtualization software developed by VMware for macOS operating systems. It enables users to run virtualized instances of other operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and macOS, on their Mac computers. Here are some key aspects of VMware Fusion.

Virtualization Technology:

VMware Fusion leverages virtualization technology to create isolated virtual machines (VMs) on a macOS host system. This allows users to run multiple operating systems concurrently without the need for dual-boot configurations.

Operating System Compatibility:

Users can install and run a wide range of operating systems within virtual machines, including various versions of Windows, Linux distributions, and macOS. This flexibility is valuable for developers, testers, and users who require access to multiple platforms.

Integration with macOS:

VMware Fusion seamlessly integrates with macOS, providing features like Unity mode, which allows Windows applications to run side by side with macOS applications, sharing the desktop and files between the two environments.

Snapshot and Cloning:

Users can create snapshots of virtual machines at specific points in time, enabling easy rollback to a previous state if needed. Cloning capabilities allow for the rapid creation of identical VM instances.

Hardware Acceleration:

VMware Fusion supports hardware acceleration technologies, such as Apple Metal, to enhance the performance of virtual machines, providing a smoother and more responsive experience.

Networking Options:

Various networking options are available, allowing users to configure virtual networks and customize network connections for their virtual machines. This is useful for testing network configurations and scenarios.

VMware Fusion 13.0.2 (for Intel-based and Apple silicon Macs)


File size: 672.09 MB

Build Number: 21581413
MD5SUM: 09ad98ba511caeede47e9aae37b9bdf2
SHA1SUM: f509ad82f21f37ea73b2373ebef0e88d9963ec13
SHA256SUM: c86b40823b97334f20b4e6b475b488ec23faf06c986e291965b9e56f7b44c042


Link: vmware-fusion13-keygen-btcr.rar

File size:  400 KB

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