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Udemy – Linux administrator commands: Practical sessions 2024



Practical sessions on Linux administrator commands are provided, catering to Linux system users, system administrators, Redhat users, and server administrators. The course covers relevant content for these target audiences.

1. Introduction and Contents

2. User Management in Linux

3. Useful Admin Monitoring Commands in Linux

4. Swap the space allocation using the swap file on the Linux server

5. Check System Services in Linux

6. Increase CPU performance in Linux

7. Clear Cache in Linux

8. Upgrade and patch the kernel in Linux

9. Email Commands in Linux

10. Installing Java in Linux

11. SCP and SFTP commands in Linux

12. Check ports and port lists in Linux

13. Filesystem(FS) mount and unmount on Linux

14. Crontab on Linux

15. Sudo Access for a User in Linux

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Coach Specifications:

  • Software engineer with about 10 years experience in Linux and ShellScript, Autosys, Middleware, Oracle SQL.
  • They have done a lot of automation and are appreciated in Linux using shell scripts.
  • About 500+ scripts are written in Linux using the script shell.
  • You have created a static dashboard using the script shell and HTML code.
  • You have managed over 1,300 Red Hat Linux servers, including Production, SIT, UAT, and dev environments.
  • You have done a patch on Linux servers that are productive and non-productive.
  • Deployments have been made on Linux production servers using Tomcat, IBM WebSphere and shell scripts.
  • He worked at IBM as a program developer, a systems engineer at Tata Consulting Services, a software engineer at Oracle, and a senior consultant at Virtusa Consulting Services.
  • Entertainment includes watching movies, writing shell scripts.
  • Have knowledge in various areas of the operating system such as Red Hat Linux, Oracle Linux, Ubuntu and CentOS.

What you will learn in Linux administrator commands: practical sessions

  • Introduction and Contents
  • User Management in Linux
  • Useful Admin Monitoring Commands in Linux
  • Swap space allocation using the swap file on the Linux server
  • Checking System Services in Linux
  • Increased CPU performance in Linux
  • Clear cache in Linux
  • Upgrade and Patch Kernel in Linux
  • Email commands in Linux
  • Installing Java in Linux
  • SCP and SFTP commands in Linux
  • Check ports and port lists in Linux
  • Installing and Disassembling File System (FS) in Linux
  • Crontab on Linux
  • Sudo Access for a User in Linux
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