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Veeam Backup & Replication is one of the best backup products of virtualization products in the world and has been used as the best product for preparing backups of virtualization structures for several years. By using Veeam Backup & Replication software, you can easily restore data or software in virtualization environments with speed and flexibility as well as high reliability. This software offers you Backup and Recovery solutions in an integrated manner and is very suitable for virtual environments such as hyper-v and VSPhere. This software is considered one of the most modern backup tools in the Cloud environment and almost guarantees the protection of the information in your VMs. By using this software, you no longer need to update different agents, and you can easily and simply restore the backups taken in the VMs.

Enterprise scalability enhancements

The rapid expansion of data and IT services demands that businesses and enterprises of all scales reconsider their Availability approach. Veeam’s latest enterprise enhancements ensure efficient and effective scalability, irrespective of environment size or VM count.

Backup acceleration technologies double I/O

performance and shorten backup windows by up to five times — all while reducing load on primary storage, backup
storage and vCenter Servers. Features include:

Advanced data fetcher. improves backup performance for individual virtual disks up to two times on enterprise-class primary storage while significantly reducing the load on primary storage due to the reduced number of I/O operations required to complete a backup, improving its availability to production workloads. Advanced data fetcher is available for the VMware platform and the following processing modes: Backup from Storage Snapshots, Virtual Appliance (hot add) and Direct NFS.

VMware vSphere infrastructure cache

It keeps an in-RAM reflection of the vSphere infrastructure hierarchy to significantly boost job initiation speed and user interface responsiveness. This eases the burden on a vCenter Server, enhancing its core management tasks, and increasing backup success rates in environments prone to timeouts or failures due to vCenter Server overload. The cache remains current through real-time updates obtained via a subscription to vCenter Server infrastructure changes.

Highly optimized vSphere infrastructure queries

Accelerate vSphere API query performance and reduce vCenter Server load during comprehensive vSphere infrastructure retrieval. This is especially beneficial following a backup server reboot or Veeam Broker Service restart, which hosts the vSphere infrastructure cache.

Restore acceleration technologies

Enhanced performance for VM restoration in various scenarios is achieved by incorporating customized logic for raw disk, deduplication, and tape storage. This improvement is particularly noticeable in the following scenarios:

  • Instant VM Recovery® delivers up to threefold performance enhancement, with the most significant gains seen when recovering multiple VMs simultaneously from per-VM backup file chains.
  • Full VM restore benefits from parallel processing, allowing multiple disks to be restored concurrently, akin to the backup process. This method is automatically applied to all disk-based backup repositories, excluding Data Domain deduplication storage.

Year / Release Date: 2023
Version: 12
Bit depth: 64bit
Language: English

Download Link:

Veeam Backup Replication 12
Veeam Service Provider Console
Veeam BR 12.0v License

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