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VMware NSX


Today, we present VMware’s NSX software—a powerful solution for Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Security. This software embodies the essence of advanced network implementation within a company’s virtualized environment. It provides a sophisticated framework for network structure within the realm of virtualization, offering an in-depth understanding of the network’s intricacies.

The product’s IPS/IDS Firewall mechanism is based on Suricata and has undergone enhancements by VMware Brush. It can be effortlessly updated online, requiring only IP changes.

The deployment of NSX Manager occurs on ESXi, assuming the roles of Management Plane and Control Plane, while ESXi and Edge Node serve as data planes. NSX Edge can function both as a virtual machine (VM) and on a Bare Metal infrastructure.

In addition to vCenter, a DNS Server and a minimum of three ESXi hosts with at least 64GB RAM each are prerequisites.
It’s worth noting that we explicitly do not recommend installing the product on the host it produces. However, for enterprises with larger infrastructures, we strongly advise deploying edge nodes as Bare Metal.

NSX Manager

Please be aware that working with this network information software requires expertise at the level of CCNA and CCNP, security knowledge equivalent to Security+, and familiarity with virtual infrastructure corresponding to VCP-DCV.

Download VMware NSX

Link: Download VMware NSX Link

Size~ 60 GB

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