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Xender file transfer & share

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More about Xender – Transfer Files

Xender is an Android app designed for swift file transfer and sharing between devices. It lets users move files quickly without relying on internet or Bluetooth connections. In essence, it’s quicker than Bluetooth, simpler than AirDrop, and doesn’t require NFC. With its built-in file manager, you can easily download the Xender file and transfer apk file, compatible with various operating systems such as Android, iOS, Tizen, Windows, PC, and Mac. Similar to the SHAREit app, it’s a handy tool for sharing files seamlessly.

Xender apk file transfer features:

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Using the Xender app, individuals can effortlessly share files of any format, anytime, and anywhere. This file-sharing application operates without the need for mobile data, ensuring seamless sharing and transfer experiences. With its remarkable speed, Xender boasts 200 times the efficiency of standard Bluetooth connections.

Furthermore, Xender eliminates the necessity for USB connections or the installation of PC software, similar to other sharing applications. Recipients can stream video and audio files while downloading them, thanks to a distinctive feature. With nearly 500 million users, people widely embrace Xender for its ability to swiftly transfer files and applications at superior speeds.

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Some of the features of Xender are as follows:

  • An ultra-fast file-sharing of up to 40MB/s.
  • Send all types of files whether they are documents, music, pictures, videos, or even other apps.
  • Transfer files without the use of any cable, internet, or data usage.
  • Share files from one Operating System to another easily with Xender.
  • Easily transfer files from an old device to a new device using Smart Switch Mobile. Also, SMS and contact along with other data can be transferred easily.
  • Built-in file manager that allows viewing the files and can move and even Delete the files. Also, Users can also make a backup copy of the files for cleaning them whenever they have time.
  • Share apps with your friend with a single click.
  • With a single swipe share photos with your friends.
  • Supports multiple languages.

Why is Xender So fast?

The Xender app utilizes WiFi direct technology, allowing two devices to communicate directly over WiFi, with one device serving as the WiFi provider.

In simpler terms, the devices share data through local WiFi connections established by one of them. This doesn’t necessitate both devices to support WiFi direct; just one device is adequate, as the other can connect to it in the same manner as connecting to any other WiFi access point.

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