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A Cloud Guru Beginner’s Guide to Containers and Orchestration


About the course

Containers and container orchestration are currently reshaping the landscape of the technology industry. For those unfamiliar with these technologies, grasping the discussions surrounding containers can be challenging. This course provides a beginner-level, non-technical introduction to the fundamental concepts of containers and container orchestration. It covers various tools and terminology associated with these technologies, including Docker and Kubernetes, offering a clear understanding of their significance. If you seek a comprehensive overview of containers and orchestration, this course is designed to meet your needs.

From understanding the basics to exploring essential tools like Docker and Kubernetes, this guide serves as your go-to resource for navigating the intricacies of containerization and orchestration in the cloud. Whether you’re a newcomer or seeking to reinforce your foundational knowledge, embark on your journey with this comprehensive guide from A Cloud Guru.

Source: https://acloudguru.com/course/beginners-guide-to-containers-and-orchestration

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