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Docker Certified Associate (DCA) from A Cloud Guru


Docker stands out as an exceptionally potent tool designed for the execution and administration of containers. At present, it stands as the foremost container runtime platform in the industry, boasting an extensive array of features dedicated to container management and orchestration.

This training program is specifically crafted to equip participants in their preparation for the Docker Certified Associate certification exam provided by Docker. The ultimate goal of this certification is to authenticate an individual’s proficiency as a Docker practitioner. Throughout this course, we will meticulously explore both the fundamental concepts and objectives essential for the effective utilization of Docker. Participants will gain insights into harnessing the core capabilities embedded within Docker Community Edition (DCE) and will also delve into the supplementary features available through Docker Enterprise Edition (DEE).

What are Hands-on Labs

Distinguishing theoretical knowledge from practical skills involves the application of real-world experience. This is precisely where Hands-on Labs play a crucial role!

Designers create these guided and interactive experiences to facilitate learning and practical application in authentic cloud environments. Integrated seamlessly into courses, Hands-on Labs enable a learn-by-doing approach, allowing individuals to gain valuable hands-on experience.

General Info:

Author(s): William Boyd
Language: English
Updated: 2023
Videos Duration: 8h 25m 43s
Course Source: https://acloudguru.com/course/docker-certified-associate-dca

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