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Facebook mobile app

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More about Facebook

The Meta Android app provides access to your social media newsfeed, marketplace, and various Facebook utilities directly from your mobile device. Utilize this application to connect, interact, acquire knowledge, make purchases, and engage in sales. Seamlessly broadcast live content from your phone, showcasing your talents, products, or simply fostering new connections.

Since the rebranding of the social network to Meta, there has been a gradual improvement in features and tools. One notable addition to the Meta app that has garnered significant attention is “Reels.” With Facebook Reels, users can remix videos (duet them) and share clips up to 60 seconds in duration, akin to Instagram Reels.

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Facebook app APK

Facebook’s official suite of applications encompasses Facebook Messenger, Facebook Groups, Facebook at Work, and Facebook Mentions (if you’re a notable figure). While they may not excel in preserving battery life, they consistently receive the latest features ahead of others.

Additionally, the app has introduced several new features, such as audio functionalities like Soundbites, a short-form content experience, and the integration of podcasts into its primary platform. Soundbites serve as concise, inventive audio snippets ideal for capturing humor, moments of inspiration, poetry, and more.

Effortlessly connect with loved ones and expand your social circle. Explore the Meta marketplace to buy and sell items. Utilize the reel update to craft and share brief videos directly from your mobile device, or indulge in a collection of short videos for instant entertainment.

Share cherished memories, photos, and videos, while staying updated with notifications on friends’ interactions with your posts. Stay informed about local social gatherings and organize meetups with friends through the app.

Sharing & Creating on the Facebook Android App

The Facebook Android application offers the capability to back up photos by organizing them into albums. You can also follow your preferred artists, websites, and companies to stay updated with their latest news. Additionally, you can search for local businesses to access reviews, operating hours, and images.

Furthermore, the recent Facebook Reels trend allows users to swiftly create and modify videos. This includes incorporating music or utilizing audio from another user’s video. Reels can be recorded in multiple clips or in a single take using videos from your device’s photo library or by uploading a new video while creating them.

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Moreover, individuals can “remix” others’ videos by duetting them and share clips of up to 60 seconds in duration. Users have the option to save drafts, and additional tools for Reels have been introduced since its launch.

False News Tracker Tool

Following the recent uproar regarding the proliferation of false information, Facebook introduced a new functionality allowing both group administrators and users to flag posts that potentially disseminate fake news or misinformation.

Administrators of pages now have access to a suspension tool, enabling them to temporarily restrict certain members from posting, commenting, or engaging in group activities.

Business Pages and Product profiles

Create business pages and listings effortlessly, while seamlessly managing product catalogs and updating prices. Address customer inquiries on the fly and efficiently process orders—all within the app.

With Facebook for Android, you can efficiently manage various Facebook pages, including business pages and groups. Easily post updates regarding your products and services. For users with smaller or older Android devices, Facebook Lite, a lighter version of the Meta app, is available.

Sharing updates with your followers and fans is now simpler with the latest app updates from Meta. Download the app now and join the conversation by commenting below. Simply create an account to access the app, or sign up using your email or phone number.

Technical file information

  • Package name: com.facebook.katana
  • Version: 454. (449808468)
  • File size: 134.2 MB
  • Updated: March 1, 2024
  • Minimum Android version: Android 11 (API 30)
  • Screen DPI: nodpi
  • Architecture: universal
  • MD5: 1e988c806be41487a4d2a566af4dc490
  • SHA1: 55d49e189934494de9ef52692645c92b39278854

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