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How to Take Snapshot VMware vSphere


In this guide, we’ll show you the process of creating snapshots for a VMware vSphere virtual machine and demonstrate how to restore the virtual machine using these snapshots. Let’s begin. Virtual machine snapshots allow you to capture the current state of a virtual machine, enabling you to revert to that state at a later time. This snapshot includes the memory, settings, and disk states of the VM. You can take snapshots whether the virtual machine is powered on, powered off, or in a suspended state.

What Is a VMware Snapshot?

The relevant virtual machine files record a specific moment in time for a vSphere virtual machine snapshot. This snapshot in VMware can be utilized to return a VM to its previous state, encompassing both data and other configurations. Meanwhile, a VMware vCenter VM disk snapshot records changes made to a virtual disk, and it associates with the corresponding snapshot file.

Take Snapshot VMware vSphere

Follow the steps below to take a snapshot using vSphere Client.
Right-click on a virtual machine from the inventory list, click on the snapshot and then choose Take Snapshot.

The Take Snapshot of Virtual Machine wizard opens. Type a name and description for the VM snapshot. Two other options:
Include the virtual machine’s memory
Quiesce guest file system
For the Quiesce guest file system (you need to install VMware Tools). Specifies about to quiesce the file system in the guest OS. Use these settings if you need to ensure that the data within the guest file system is unbroken in the snapshot.


How to Manage vSphere Snapshots

After the completion of the VM snapshot process, you have the option to view the snapshots of virtual machines. Simply right-click on the virtual machine in the inventory list and select “Manage Snapshots.”

edit a snapshot name & description

In the Manage Snapshots interface, you will view the snapshots that exist on a virtual machine as well as the additional options.
Revert: revert to an existing snapshot.
Edit: edit a snapshot name & description.
Delete: delete the chosen snapshot.
Delete All: delete all snapshots for the current VM.

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