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How to Upgrade ESXi 8.0 using ISO Image



Explore this guide detailing the process of upgrading ESXi using the ISO image. With the recent release of VMware ESXi 8.0 ISO for download, many are contemplating the upgrade of their ESXi 7.0 hosts to the latest VMware ESXi 8.0 version. In lab environments, individuals often perform this upgrade for testing purposes before transitioning to production environments.

Delve into the ESXi 8.0 server upgrade, examining various methods available for upgrading your ESXi 7.0 server to ESXi 8.0.

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Explore this guide on upgrading ESXi using an ISO image. With the recent release of VMware ESXi 8.0 ISO for download, many are considering the transition from ESXi 7.0 to the latest ESXi 8.0 hosts.

In lab environments, individuals often conduct this process for testing before implementing it in production settings. Delve into the upgrade procedure for ESXi 8.0 servers, examining various methods available to seamlessly transition your ESXi 7.0 server to ESXi 8.0.

Are you considering an immediate upgrade from VMware vSphere 7 to vSphere 8? The decision depends on various factors. However, to mitigate potential issues, it is crucial to proactively prepare for the upgrade to ESXi 8.0 hosts and VMware vCenter Server 8.0.

How to upgrade vSphere 7 to 8

Prior to commencing the upgrade from ESXi 7 to ESXi 8, it is imperative to thoroughly examine the requirements for the ESXi 8 host. This examination should encompass compatibility requirements, hardware considerations, and other relevant factors. The upgrade to an ESXi 8 host will follow a specific method.

It is crucial to note that if you are upgrading ESXi hosts that are under the management of VMware vCenter Server, the vCenter Server should be updated before initiating the ESXi host upgrade. Failing to adhere to the correct sequence of upgrading in your virtual environment may lead to potential data loss and restricted access to virtual servers.

Upgrade ESXi using ISO Image

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This approach involves utilizing the ISO image for the upgrade process. To perform the upgrade, you must attach the ISO image to your ESXi server. This can be done through physical media, a “bootable USB disk,” or by mounting the ISO image to your ESXi virtual machine running within a nested environment.

Welcome to VMware ESXi 8.0, press enter.

Hit F11 to Accept the EULA.

Select a disk to install or upgrade.

The VMware ESXi installer will detect that you have a previously installed version of ESXi. It will induce you to upgrade your existing ESXi host or clean up the installation of the ESXi host. Click ok

Press F11 to start the upgrade process.

Upgrading to ESXi 8.0 is in progress.

The ESXi host upgrade process is complete. The installer will indicate that you have removed the ESXi installation media and then hit enter to reboot.

The new ESXi 8.0 host.

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