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Learn Ansible

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Learn Ansible is a comprehensive guide published by Packt that covers automating cloud, security, and network infrastructure using Ansible 2.x. This practical book helps users learn how to configure servers, automate repeatable tasks, define public cloud infrastructure, deploy Ansible Tower and Ansible AWX, and utilize community-contributed roles. It is designed for system administrators and developers looking to enhance their workflows through Ansible playbooks. The book is suitable for beginners as it does not require prior knowledge of Ansible. With a focus on practical examples and hands-on learning, “Learn Ansible” is a valuable resource for mastering Ansible for infrastructure automation.

Topics covered in the learn ansible book

The book “Learn Ansible Automate cloud, security, and network infrastructure using Ansible 2.x” covers a range of topics related to Ansible automation. Some of the topics covered in the book include:

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  1. Introduction to Ansible and its architecture.
  2. Setting up Ansible and configuring the environment.
  3. Understanding Ansible playbooks and roles.
  4. Managing cloud infrastructure using Ansible.
  5. Automating security tasks with Ansible.
  6. Network automation using Ansible.
  7. Deploying Ansible Tower and Ansible AWX.
  8. Utilizing community-contributed roles and best practices.
  9. Practical examples and hands-on exercises for real-world scenarios.
  10. Advanced execution techniques and troubleshooting tips.

These topics provide a comprehensive guide for beginners and intermediate users to master Ansible for automating various aspects of IT infrastructure, security, and network management.

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what are the prerequisites for reading the learn ansible book

The prerequisites for reading the “Learn Ansible” book include:

  1. Having Ansible 2.10 (or higher) installed.
  2. Access to one or more network devices compatible with Ansible.
  3. Basic knowledge of the Linux command line.
  4. Basic understanding of network switch and router configuration.

These prerequisites ensure that readers have the necessary foundation to engage with the content of the book effectively and make the most out of learning Ansible for automating cloud, security, and network infrastructure.

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