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Nutanix AHV download


Nutanix AHV serves as Nutanix’s proprietary bare-metal Type-1 hypervisor, known as Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV). It is a top-performing KVM-based hypervisor that can be directly installed on any Nutanix HCI-certified OEM hardware server or node, such as SuperMicro HX, IBM CS, Lenovo HX, HPE ProLiant, HPE Apollo, Intel Data Center Blocks, Cisco UCS, Dell XC, and more.

Nutanix’s AHV hypervisor is widely recognized for its role in Nutanix Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI), known for seamlessly integrating cloud-enabled features and functionalities.

Nutanix Supported Ecosystem – Guest Operating System

  • Microsoft Windows client and Server operating System
  • SUSE linux based operating systems
  • Redhat Linux based operating sysetms
  • Ubuntu Debian Linux based operating system
  • CentOS Linux based operating system

Nutanix Supported Ecosystem – Applications & Technology

Microsoft SQL Database Server

Oracle Database Server

SAP Server System

Cirtix VDI System

Microsoft Exchange Mail System

Microsoft SharePoint

Hadoop Database

Windows Azure cloud



MongoDB Database

Avaya Telecom & Wireless system

Openstack platform

Docker Container

VMware Vrtualization

Nutanix Supported Ecosystem – OEM Hardware

  • SuperMicro – Nutanix HX Appliance
  • Dell EMC XC Appliance
  • Lenovo HX Appliance
  • IBM CS Appliance
  • CISCO UCS appliance
  • Intel Data Center Blocks
  • HPE ProLiant Appliance
  • HPE Apollo Appliance
  • Tactical Appliance
  • Rugged Applianc

Download Nutanix AHV Hypervisor

Nutanix AHV ( Acropolis Hypervisor ) is free to use and avaialable to download from Nutanix portal. You can download the Nutanix AHV hypervisor to click here

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