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Udemy – Tableau Data Analyst/Desktop Specialist Exam Guide & Project 2024


Explore the Tableau Data Analyst/Desktop Specialist Exam Guide & Project course tailored for those aspiring to undertake the Tableau Data Analyst or Desktop Specialist exams. Positioned as a comprehensive Udemy offering, this course is meticulously crafted to encompass all the requisite subjects for success in the Tableau Data Analyst and Desktop Specialist certification exams. Notably, it incorporates hands-on projects aimed at refining your practical skills, ensuring a well-rounded preparation experience. If you’re considering these Tableau exams, this course is your ideal destination.

What you will learn in the Tableau Data Analyst/Desktop Specialist Exam Guide & Project course

  • An introduction to dashboards and data visualization
  • Data preparation and cleaning
  • Advanced data visualization and dashboard design
  • Relational database concepts and normalization techniques
  • Create ER diagrams for database design
  • Build your own Tableau dashboard
  • Download Tableau and learn every subject required for data analyst and expert certifications with real-life examples.
  • Visualize data in different types of graphs such as line, bar, histograms and bi-axis charts.
  • Use the Analysis section to perform statistical analysis and effectively summarize and model data.
  • Master the creation of dashboards and interactive stories to effectively communicate data

This course is suitable for people who

  • Aspiring panel data analysts and professionals
  • Data professionals looking to enhance their Tableau skills
  • Anyone interested in creating impactful data visualizations

Course topics Tableau Data Analyst/Desktop Specialist Exam Guide & Project

Course prerequisites

  • You need a computer or laptop with internet access and the ability to download software.
  • An understanding of data and basic math such as average and median is helpful but not essential.

Installation guide

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