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vSAN Ready Node


vSAN Ready Nodes are pre-configured server hardware systems designed to run VMware vSAN (Virtual SAN) software. They are certified by VMware to ensure optimal performance and compatibility with vSAN. These nodes come from various hardware vendors, such as Dell EMC, HPE, and others, and are available in different configurations to meet the specific requirements of vSAN deployments. Each vSAN Ready Node typically includes storage, compute, and networking components tailored for vSAN’s hyper-converged infrastructure.

The Virtual Storage Network Ready Nodes are designed to simplify the deployment and scaling of vSAN by offering pre-tested and validated server configurations. some of the notable companies include:

Key aspects of vSAN Ready Nodes

  1. Certification: Each vSAN Ready Node undergoes rigorous testing and certification by VMware to ensure compatibility, performance, and reliability. This certification process helps organizations confidently deploy vSAN with the assurance that the hardware is optimized for vSAN.
  2. Flexibility: vSAN Ready Nodes come in various configurations to cater to different workload requirements. These configurations include a range of CPU, memory, and storage options. This flexibility allows organizations to choose the right combination based on their specific needs.
  3. Easier Deployment: The pre-configured nature of vSAN Ready Nodes simplifies the deployment process. Organizations can reduce the time and effort required to set up vSAN environments, as the hardware is already validated and ready to run vSAN.
  4. Vendor Collaboration: Different hardware vendors collaborate with VMware to produce vSAN Ready Nodes. This collaboration allows organizations to select nodes from their preferred server vendor while still benefiting from the advantages of the vSAN hyper-converged infrastructure.
  5. Scalability: As organizations grow, they can easily scale their vSAN environment by adding more vSAN Ready Nodes. This scalability is crucial for adapting to changing workloads and ensuring that the infrastructure can meet evolving business needs.

Several companies offer certified Virtual Storage Area Network Ready Nodes, collaborating with VMware to provide hardware configurations optimized for VMware vSAN.

Dell vSAN Ready Nodes

Dell’s vSAN Ready Nodes, based on PowerEdge servers, facilitate effortless deployment through pre-installed, pre-configured, and pre-tested setups. These configurations contribute to a solution that swiftly scales to address expanding requirements.

Dell vSAN Ready Nodes

Creating your hybrid cloud with VMware vSphere® and vSAN becomes both simple and adaptable through the use of Dell vSAN Ready Nodes. These nodes are pre-configured and meticulously tested, ensuring they are certified to seamlessly run VMware vSAN. Each Dell vSAN Ready Node comes equipped with the optimal balance of CPU, memory, network I/O controllers, HDDs, and SSDs. Dell further enhances the deployment process with identity modules on thirteen platforms, uniquely recognizing each server as a vSAN Ready Node during boot-up. This streamlined approach simplifies deployment, updates, and overall management.

  • Offering one of the most extensive selections in the industry, allowing you to opt for the physical design that aligns most effectively with your preferred IT and business objectives.
  • DELL provide a diverse range of form factors, including 1U and 2U rack servers, towers, blades, and modular solutions like the kinetic infrastructure built on PowerEdge MX. Our vSAN Ready Node Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) offering is among the most robust in the market, featuring a broad selection of over 250 certified ready node configurations. These configurations cover various environments, including all-flash, rugged, hybrid rack, NVMe-only, and kinetic infrastructures.
  • 130% faster deployment with OMIVV.
  • When using vLCM and OMIVV complete hypervisor and firmware updates to an 8-node PowerEdge cluster in under 4 minutes vs. 3.5 hours manually.
  • Dell ProSupport offers a single contact — one call — for both hardware and software with over 1,800 VMware certified Dell support professionals.

HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise): HPE provides ProLiant servers that are certified as vSAN Ready Nodes, offering options for scalability and performance.

Lenovo: Lenovo offers vSAN Ready Nodes based on their ThinkSystem servers, providing flexibility and reliability for hyper-converged infrastructure deployments.

Supermicro: Supermicro provides a variety of vSAN Ready Nodes based on their server platforms, offering options for different use cases and performance requirements.

Cisco UCS vSAN Ready Node: Cisco has a range of vSAN Ready Nodes based on their Unified Computing System (UCS) servers, providing integrated solutions for virtualized environments.

Fujitsu: Fujitsu offers vSAN Ready Nodes based on their PRIMERGY servers, providing certified configurations for vSAN deployments.

Hitachi Vantara: Hitachi offers vSAN Ready Nodes as part of their Unified Compute Platform (UCP) family, providing integrated solutions for virtualized environments.

Insight Enterprises: Insight offers vSAN Ready Nodes as part of their solutions, providing hardware configurations for organizations deploying vSAN.


In summary, vSAN Ready Nodes provide a streamlined approach to deploying and expanding VMware vSAN environments. By offering certified, pre-configured hardware options, organizations can accelerate their journey towards a hyper-converged infrastructure while maintaining confidence in the reliability and performance of their systems.

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