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[A Cloud Guru] Google Cloud Essentials


Welcome to the Google Cloud Essentials course! This comprehensive program offers a thorough examination of crucial core services and innovative technologies utilized on the Google Cloud Platform. Tailored for individuals with a foundational grasp of cloud computing and the Google Cloud Platform, this course promises to impart profound insights and practical expertise in employing top-tier technology within the realm of cloud computing!


Broadus Palmer, an experienced GCP Training Architect, brings extensive knowledge in AWS Cloud Development and Google Cloud. Through active participation in numerous successful projects, he has amassed a diverse skill set encompassing various tools and technologies. His specialization lies in assisting individuals and businesses during their migration to cloud-based solutions, leveraging his in-depth understanding of cloud technologies. Broadus is deeply passionate about continuous learning and sharing knowledge, particularly in teaching new tools and technologies within the cloud ecosystem. His training methodology centers on creating engaging and easily comprehensible projects, fostering effective and enjoyable learning experiences.

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Key features of the Google Cloud Essentials course include:

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  1. Comprehensive Overview: The course starts with a broad overview of cloud computing concepts and principles. It then delves into specific features and services provided by Google Cloud.
  2. Core GCP Services: Participants will gain insights into essential GCP services, such as Compute Engine, App Engine, Storage, and Networking. The course explores how these services can be leveraged to build scalable and resilient cloud applications.
  3. Hands-On Labs: A Cloud Guru is known for its hands-on learning approach, and this course is no exception. Learners have the opportunity to engage in practical, real-world exercises and labs that reinforce theoretical concepts.
  4. Best Practices: The course emphasizes best practices for utilizing Google Cloud services efficiently and securely. Participants will learn how to optimize resources, manage security, and implement effective cost controls.
  5. Real-World Scenarios: Practical examples and real-world scenarios are incorporated into the course content, allowing participants to understand how to apply their knowledge in various use cases.
  6. Cloud Management Tools: The course covers the use of Google Cloud Console and other management tools, providing learners with the skills needed to navigate and operate within the GCP environment.
  7. Certification Preparation: For those considering Google Cloud certification exams, this course serves as a valuable resource for building the foundational knowledge required for certifications like the Associate Cloud Engineer.

General Info:

Author(s): Broadus Palmer
Language: English
Last Updated: Jul 28, 2023
Videos Duration: 9h 32m
Course Source: https://www.pluralsight.com/cloud-guru/courses/google-cloud-essentials

Size: 2.44GB

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