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[CBT Nuggets] Fundamental Data Security In The Cloud

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This intermediate-level training in Fundamental Data Security in the Cloud is designed to equip security professionals with the skills to ensure a foundational level of security for cloud data networks, whether they operate in a hybrid environment or solely in the cloud.

As the majority of companies have initiated their transition to the cloud, adopting a full cloud environment may not be suitable for everyone. However, a hybrid or partial cloud transition has proven to be a time and cost-saving solution for many organizations. Nevertheless, these organizations require individuals capable of safeguarding data and ensuring the security of their networks. This course elucidates the fundamental principles of implementing data security measures in the cloud, providing essential security training tailored for those new to cloud environments.

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Upon successful completion of this training program in Fundamental Data Security in the Cloud, participants will be adept at delivering a basic level of security to cloud data networks, whether they are operating in a hybrid setup or entirely within the cloud.

For those responsible for managing cybersecurity best practices training, this ISACA training serves as a valuable resource. It can be utilized for onboarding new security professionals, integrated into individual or team training plans, or referenced as an ISACA resource for ongoing cybersecurity education.

Fundamental Data Security in the Cloud: What You Need to Know

This Fundamental Data Security in the Cloud training has videos that cover topics such as:

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  • Understanding the options for securing SaaS, PaaS and IaaS platforms
  • Securing your shared resources across on-prem, hybrid and cloud networks
  • Using cutting-edge tools and technologies to keep your cloud network safe
  • Recognizing security gaps with optimized visibility into cloud environments

Who Should Take Fundamental Data Security in the Cloud Training?

This Cloud Fundamentals Data Security training is categorized as associate-level ISACA training, specifically tailored for security professionals. Geared towards individuals with three to five years of experience in cybersecurity best practices, this course focuses on enhancing network security skills.

For individuals new to or aspiring to enter the field of security, this fundamentals course on cloud data security is well-suited. It is particularly beneficial for those who are just starting their careers in IT security and wish to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the various aspects of their prospective role. Even if you anticipate not working extensively on a cloud network, undertaking this training in cloud security fundamentals is valuable. It provides a conceptual foundation for comprehending the full scope of cybersecurity, enhancing your overall knowledge in the field.

Experienced security professionals:
If you have an extensive background in cybersecurity, many concepts covered in this foundational course on cloud data security may already be familiar. However, if your experience has been confined to a specific aspect of network security without much exposure to the cloud, this training is an ideal opportunity to swiftly grasp the distinct and unique aspects of data security in cloud environments.

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