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[CBT Nuggets] GitHub Actions Tutorial: AWS & Azure Infrastructure Deployment


Explore the capabilities of GitHub Actions in this intermediate-level training course on GitHub. Gain insights into setting up, configuring, and automating services within AWS and Azure.

Unlike introductory courses, this program assumes a level of familiarity with GitHub and dives straight into practical tutorials, guiding you through tasks relevant to roles like software developer, cloud engineer, or DevOps professional. The course focuses on utilizing GitHub Actions to interact with a range of AWS and Azure services, including Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, and Azure containers.

For managers overseeing GitHub products, this training offers an opportunity to onboard new cloud engineers effectively, integrate it into individual or team training plans, or use it as a valuable reference resource.

GitHub Actions: What You Need to Know

This GitHub Actions training covers GitHub topics including:

– Connecting GitHub Actions to AWS and Azure
– Deploying code to Azure Container instances by using GitHub Actions
– Setting up an automated data replication pipeline by using S3
– Managing EC2 instances with Ansible and GitHub Actions
– Deploying Terraform templates

Who Should Take GitHub Training?

Training in GitHub Actions designed for beginners is available. While this course is primarily designed for professionals familiar with GitHub or other version control systems, it can also prove beneficial for beginners. The course imparts knowledge on the kinds of on-the-job tasks that beginners may encounter in the future. By preparing for these tasks early on, the challenges won’t be as overwhelming when confronted in real-world scenarios.

For experienced IT professionals already well-versed in GitHub, this training may initially appear familiar. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to consider, as it has the potential to bridge knowledge gaps or introduce techniques and tools that may not have been previously explored.

General Info:

Author(s): Trevor Sullivan
Language: English
Updated: 5/2023
Videos Duration: 8h
Course Source: https://www.cbtnuggets.com/it-training/devops/github-actions-aws-azure-infrastructure-deployment

Size: 10.5GB

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