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Cisco Certified Support Technician


Cisco Certified Support Technician (CCST)

The Cisco Certified Support Technician (CCST) certification was part of Cisco’s certification program aimed at individuals who work in the field of technical support and require the skills to diagnose and resolve issues with Cisco networking devices and systems. However, it’s important to note that Cisco has undergone significant changes to its certification program in recent years.

About the Author

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Russ White is a well-known author and expert in the field of networking. He has written several books and articles on networking topics and is respected for his deep understanding of the subject matter. His works often focus on complex networking concepts, routing protocols, and network design.

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Topics covered in this book.

  1. Part I: Foundations
  2. Chapter 2. Addresses
  3. Chapter 3. Routing and Switching
  4. Chapter 4. Wired Host Networking Configuration
  5. Chapter 5. What’s in a Network?
  6. Chapter 6. Network Models
    Part II: Infrastructure
  7. Chapter 7. Wired Networks
  8. Chapter 8. Wireless Networks
  9. Chapter 9. Bandwidth, Delay, and Jitter
  10. Chapter 10. Basic Network Hardware
  11. Chapter 11. Local Area Networks
  12. Chapter 12. Wide Area Networks
    Part III: Services
  13. Chapter 13. Data Centers and Fabrics
  14. Chapter 14. Network Transport
  15. Chapter 15. Application Transport
  16. Chapter 16. Names and Time
  17. Chapter 17. Cloud Computing
    Part IV: Security
  18. Chapter 18. Security and Privacy Concepts
  19. Chapter 19. Attacks and Threats
  20. Chapter 20. Security Tools
    Part V: Managing Networks
  21. Chapter 21. Managing Networks
  22. Chapter 22. Troubleshooting
  23. Chapter 23. Configuring a Network
    Part VI: Final Preparation
  24. Chapter 24. Final Preparation
    Part VII: Exam Updates

Product information

  • Title: Cisco Certified Support Technician (CCST) Networking Official Cert Guide
  • Author(s): Russ White
  • Release date: November 2023
  • Publisher(s): Cisco Press
  • ISBN: 9780138213459

Download Link: Cisco CCT

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